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mhm, new computer oppgrade...


955 does NOT bottleneck your computer. Its as powerful as an i7 920. If you want better cpu why not get the 965 BE at 3.6ghz ? (or 3.4 I forgot). These can get to 4ghz easy (even 4.2 on air). With Water cooling (if you have one ofcourse) over 5ghz...

Anyway for GPU you should go for either 5770 (XFX or HIS recommended) or if you are not fussed about DX11 then a XFX 4890 XXX edition like mine. Its an insane card but mine just gets bottlenecked by my dual core 😉 SO you shouldn't have any problems with your current or new cpu...

Your choice mate,


Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2010 4:42 am