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I need a new PSU... Advice


I can't find the DWG file I had of my Mobo tray mod. For the 680i I have in it, I just had to extend the PSU cable slot forward about 2 inches and groove out the lip in 3 places on the fwd end of the back of the Mobo tray where my 24 pin, PCIE 6 pins and SATA pwr connectors needed to slip out. My Molexes I hid under the HDD in the front cage. The bottom Fan was useful in keeping them pinned to the back side of the bottom until they got under the HDD tray. I did also Open up the HDD tray sides a little to let more air flow freely from the front intake fan. I'll keep looking for my Cad DWG and post it when I find it. DWG or DXF format?

Topic starter Posted : 13/05/2009 9:12 pm