Help! Failing WD harddrive?  

Leveling Up

HW illiterate person here again, this time with another problem. 🙁

I own a Western Digital external harddrive (500GB) and everything was fine until this happened. Or ahem... after I started to pay more attention to it *shame*

Whenever I plug it in, it takes like crapload of time for the laptop to recognize it, and the WD makes these loud clicking sounds. I have to either violently plug it out or wait a bit before it sort of calms down and gets recognized.
I did some googling and this is apparently the "click of death" which means an impending HDD failure. Yeah, I just realized that now, I've been ignoring the clicking for half a year now.:?

However, the thing that confuses me (HW dumbass, remember? :p) is that the data transfer(after it sucesfully gets recognized that is) and reading is still totally fine and crisp. It's fast with no hitches and no lockups either. Or am I looking at two completely different and unrelated things here ?

What does it mean? Is my HDD really on its last knees as I think it is? Apart from buying a new one, can something be done about this?

Thanks in advance for any answer! 🙂

P.S.: Sorry for any grammar mistakes or horrors, English is not my first language.

Posted : 29/09/2012 8:04 pm


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