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CoolerMaster looking for people to Beta test.....


CoolerMaster is looking for people to beta Test Their new Hyper 212 Series CPU Cooler. Read below for details.....

Hi Potential Beta Testers,

We are conducting a new, open beta of our Hyper 212 series. This cooler has a new design offering both value and quality. There will be 8 beta testing spots open for selected testers.

We are looking for computer users who are owners of

-Xigmatek S1283, S1284, Dark Knight, Thors Hammer

-OCZ Vendetta 2

-Sunbeamtech Core Contact 120

We are looking for an unbiased direct comparison with these particular coolers on quality, ease of installation and overall performance. The testers selected must have quad core systems and be willing to test one cooler in the span of 1.5 weeks. To enter selection, please click on the link below and sign up using the specifications of the exact hardware that will be used in the beta testing and priority will be given to testers with exact hardware requirements. All potential beta testers must agree to and signed NDA. Members of the online media are excluded from the beta testing program. p" class="bbcode_url">CoolerMaster Hyper212 Beta Test

Selection will end by 4/12

Report needs to be completed by 4/25

Topic starter Posted : 08/04/2009 2:15 pm