Computer Upgrade Time (advice needed)  

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Strud's done with school and time to start gaming again. "OMG IT ONLY TOOK HIM 300 YEARS!!!1Juantanamo1!!" But alas, me hardware is a wee bit out of date, especially in the graphical department.

So, what I want: I tried AMD which was okay, but truth be told I miss Nvidia so I want moar power in that respect. I'm also still an Intel fanboy and don't plan on having my main gaming PC running AMD.... (okay for HTPC :D)

So what would you suggest? I'm seriously out of touch guys and need to get back into the PC hardware side of things...

EDIT: Also, I'm going with a dual 1440p monitor. Post your favs.


Posted : 08/06/2015 8:55 pm


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