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Building a PC


I don't have any of the true new GPUs. I have 4 GTS250s in one rig, but being that I'm almost a pure folder, Not much info on their FPS in current or future games. I hear nothing but great things about the GTX260, but I have started hearing a lot of very good things about the GTX275. As far as the 8800GT goes, That is my favorite GPU I have ever owned. I still have 3 of them crunching away non-stop (until recent PC issues) in my oldest rig. Anyway. I have no personal experience on the question. Also of note, the GTS250 is tri-SLI capable and FPS/Dollar a great buy starting at $130.00. Mine have proven to be very reliable so far, but they haven't seen a single game either. LOL

Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2009 9:36 pm