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I have no experience with the 790i. You can call me an EVGA Fanboy if you like, but I have had great experiences with EVGA even when I had issues with the product. I tried ASUS. Had issues. Forums are a joke and Tech Support was almost non-existant when I could get their website to even load. (I have to say I do hear good things about their products though) BFG and XFX have good products, and their TS seems to be easier to contact than ASUS, but not spot on like I've found with EVGA.

Bottom line. Have I had problems with EVGA products? Yes. Has their TS and CS made sure my issues got resolved in a timely manner. Definitely. The Community is extremely helpful as well. The only other company I have any experience with for Mobos is MSI. I bought a USed P6N on Ebay. It booted right up and has been going 24/7 since (about a month). I haven't had any issues so no idea about their CS/TS.

Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2009 9:36 pm