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Building a PC


I agree with Strud On that. all 3 of my rigs are Nvidia-Intel. OCZ ram has never let me down. All 3 of my cases are Coolermaster.All 3 run 64Bit Vista, but depending on what games you play, be careful of 64bit as some games (Call of Juarez, many Ubisoft games) won't run on 64bit OS. Currently I have Coolermaster, Zalman and Corsair PSUs. All 3 seem to be doing well, but the CoolerMaster is a refurb and has only been in a rig for a day. On this rig, I currently have an OCZ Mouse and an OCZ Keyboard. I just put the Keyboard in last night, so I can't say other than I like the feel of the keys. The Eclipse Mouse is awesome and relatively cheap. The OCZ Alchemy Keyboard Id a refurb and so far (about an hour of use) pretty nice. Only down side so far is no lit keys.

Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2009 9:36 pm