What game(s) have g...

What game(s) have given you your worst gaming experience?  

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Just like the other thread except list your worst gaming experiences.

Here's my list

RAGE- Probably the absolute worst game I've ever experienced playing. I couldn't even get past the intro for almost a year because of the absolutely horrible texture popping. Once It was fixed, the game still looked terrible, had texture stitching all over and the gun play was beyond boring.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior- I could only get so far in this because of how shitty it was. After the first mission and it being scripted to miss the first shot, all the AI had auto aim and him me from miles away. Nothing was good in that game.

Crysis 2- MP is abysmal CoD clone with no structure and all around terrible experience. SP was so boring I lost interest in 2 hours.

FEAR 3- Another abysmal game. One of the worst I've ever played, totally dropped everything FEAR was about(not that it was very good before) and turned it into a coop gimmick. Shit game.

Team Fortress 2- Never saw the appeal in a Hat Trading Simulator. Tried it when it went F2P and found out how goddamn horrible it really is. People hopping around in one corner and people huddling, trading hats in the other corner.

Resident Evil 5- Bro shooter abomination. Campaign was too long and too boring. Little enemy variety and clunky gameplay. Only redeeming factor was the fun coop.

LotR: War in the North- As a huge fan of LotR I was really let down by this. It's just a truly bad game, boring gameplay, bad combat and overall was just a clusterfuck trying to be an RPG and an action game but not working at all.

Battlefield 3- Just goes to show how far down MP FPS games have come in the past few years. Mindless arcade shooter aimed at children that got more and more features nerfed with every patch. It's sad that people think this is the 'pinnacle' of MP gaming.

Homefront- Bad game is bad. All 8 hours of it's SP were miserable. Gameplay was like a gimped CoD. I'll admit...the campaign had some emotional parts(at least they wanted it to be, didn't really work) but I got so bored couldn't even finish it in the sittings I had planned for it. Finally got around to it on a rainy day.

Honerable mentions would be Blacklight: Tango Down and Darksiders, but I'm tired of writing.

Post yours!

Posted : 24/10/2012 5:57 pm


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