What game(s) have g...

What game(s) have given you your best gaming experience?  

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Title says it all, which game, or games, have given you your truly best gaming experience?

For me I would have to list a few games..
-Fallout 3 for it's huge, expansive and detailed world..It just left me mesmerized my whole first playthrough(I have around 200 hours on my first character).
-Dragon Age: Origins because of its huge and seemingly endless amount of content. It's basically the best RPG out there.
Great tactical combat and more, this game will make it hard for me to enjoy other games because of how good it is.
-Fallout New Vegas for everything Fallout 3 didn't do right. Everything besides the world was just so perfect in New Vegas, it was such a good game and I get the most nostalgia from that game even though it's from 2010.
-Skyrim for it's amazing world to explore, the first time I stepped out of that tutorial cave was seriously one of the best experiences in any video game, only topped by exiting Vault 101 in Fallout 3.
-Mass Effect Series because it's just the pinnacle of story telling(imo). The way it translates into 3 games and they're all interconnected and shaped by your actions, nothing comes close. Beyond that, the lore is phenomonal and wondrous, it's just so rich. It easily has the most interesting and developed lore of any game series.
-Last I would have to say Hitman: Blood Money, that game was pure brilliance and nothing felt better than pulling off a hit with no detection and only killing your target.

Honorable mention would be ArmA 2 coop missions...but MP never gives me the same feelings as a perfect SP experience.

What about you guys?

Posted : 22/10/2012 7:29 pm


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