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What Are Your Favorite PvP Shooter Game Modes?  

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In a world of Conquests/Dominations/Territories, Deathmatches/Team Deathmatches, Rushes, and persistent open world survival, it is no secret that most popular PvP shooters today reuse the same game modes repeatedly, and most of these game modes are extremely repetitive in their design and, in my opinion, overly simplistic. So I felt like making a thread about stand out PvP shooter game modes. I'll start. My list is in order from least favorite to most favorite, although these are the only PvP shooter game modes I've ever really liked.

Battlefield 2142 - Titan

BF2142's Titan is the only thing that really interested me about Battlefield. It is my least favorite mode here, but it is more respectable than most others. I will let the official tutorial video do the talking.

DICE made a similar mode in a BF4 DLC called Carrier Assault, but that's way too much of a console game to interest me (forced rent-a-server crap and dictated MP model, no modding, its community is/was too idiotic).

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Assault

Only present in UT99 and UT2004, Assault is an objective based and, to some extent, a story driven game mode where every map (11 by default, but this game has been modded to infinity) has its own unique story, intro cutscene, and objectives, all of which are explained by the intro cutscene for each map. Furthermore, most maps have unique gameplay elements, some of them extending to vehicles (one Assault map has space battles). So right away it is unique, and despite having to create unique objectives and story for each unique map, Epic Games included as many Assault Maps as most modern PvP shooters have total maps at release. :rolleyes:

One team is the attacking team, the other is defending. The goal is always for the attacker to complete the unique objectives in linear sequence until they reach the defending team's HQ, which needs to be destroyed. Thus, teamwork is essential here as is paying attention to the intro cutscene on each map since again, the objectives are always different.

Since this is a fully customizable game, you can set the number of rounds per map, and each round you switch sides from attacking to defending and vice versa. Now some videos. The person who uploaded the first video below has an entire playlist dedicated to UT2004 Assault videos, quality stuff.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Onslaught

A more advanced, strategic alternative to Battlefield's Conquest, Onslaught is a large scale team-based mode with vehicle gameplay (and all sorts of vehicles at that). This mode is only in UT2004, and by default there are 13 Onslaught maps, but the community has made at least hundreds more. Here is an official description:

"Onslaught is a large scale, team and vehicle based game mode in which players battle for control of huge exterior settings. Since these settings are so large one naturally needs a way to traverse these distances, hence there are a variety of vehicles that can be used in Onslaught. These vehicles are built to not only move but also destroy your foes.

Each team has their own vehicles and you cannot steal your foes vehicles unless they unlock them by first getting into them. If your enemy jumps into a tank and then leaps out to pick up ammo you can then hijack it and turn the tables on him!

The main objective in any Onslaught game is to destroy your enemies' "Power Core." This critical point is usually located in the heart of your opponent's base. Sounds simple, right? Here's the catch - a Power Core cannot be damaged unless your team has a link to it. How do you acquire a link? By controlling the smaller "Power Nodes" on the map and making a connection from your own Power Core to your opponents. Power Nodes begin as neutral points in the level and once they're touched they begin to build for your team. At this point the opposing team can attack and try to destroy the Node as it is being constructed. If they manage to destroy it it will go neutral again and can be re-claimed by either team. If they fail to destroy it the Node will be built for your own team and a link will be made to your own Power Core.

The next step in an Onslaught map involves proceeding to the next Node. Since the enemies Power Core can only be damaged if there is a link to your own Core you'll have to take over a number of Nodes in order to make this connection. It is extremely important to note that you can ONLY take over a Node if you control an adjacent Node. You must progress across the map, taking over point by point, in order to stage an assault on your enemies' Core. Since death comes quick in the Tournament it is also good to know that once your team controls a Node you can then choose to respawn at it. This allows a team to have an advancing presence on any given map."

Not totally unlike Conquest and all its derivatives, except the goal isn't to just hold specific areas to gain magical points, it is to destroy the HQ, and the areas you capture have meaning as they are vital to completing the objective and winning the game.

Natural Selection 2

This doesn't even have a name as far as I know. This game is born from a Half-Life mod called Natural Selection. I rank this above all other 2010s PvP shooters easily. Again, I'll let the videos do most of the talking.

The tutorials are a bit out of date, since Natural Selection 2 has received more content and improvements as free updates than modern AAA multiplayer shooters receive with sequels. It supports up to 16 vs 16 without modding, more with mods.

Crysis/Crysis Wars - Power Struggle

My all time favorite, although it is closely contested between this and Natural Selection 2. This is most similar to UT2004's Onslaught, so it has some vague similarities to Conquest as well namely in map size and vehicle emphasis. But like UT2004's Onslaught it revolves around destroying the enemy's HQ after completing objectives that allow you to do so. Those objectives being to build weapons of mass destruction to use them on the enemy HQ, that is the only way to destroy them. But building weapons of mass destruction requires holding the prototype factory and at least one alien energy site (out of several) to accumulate energy.

Other points of interest on the maps that can be captured and held include spawn bunkers, vehicle factories for building cars and light armored vehicles, war factories for building heavy armored vehicles, aviation factories for building aircraft, naval factories for building boats and hovercrafts. They must be using some pretty crazy 3D printing technology, but it is a futuristic game after all so I'm okay with it.

What the tutorial videos don't tell you is, if you don't set a time limit or kill limit (my preference), a match can last for hours upon hours depending on how balanced the teams are.

This game is extremely moddable as well so you are not limited to the default 10 Power Struggle maps. Map size varies a lot unlike Onslaught and Conquest; the game is limited to 32 players per server without modding (most servers now will be more), but some (not most) of the Power Struggle maps are best suited to 16. The Gamespy shutdown forces this game to require a workaround.

I have a bias towards more tactical and/or strategic objective based game modes. So these are my favorites, with the last two being my absolute favorites. How about yours? Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) is another worthy mention but I barely played that game so I don't know it as well as I'd like.

Posted : 30/09/2017 9:37 pm