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Top 25 PC Games Ever...According to IGN


hahah Jester you really LOVE those Stalker Games. I admit they are pretty amazing though. The new one Call of Pripyat or whatever its called looks like it will have very nice graphics. Its been released in other parts of the world so I've seen a few awesome videos.
They aren't the best, but they're up there...I didn't even get to complete CS because of a fatal computer crash.. 😡 But I was only half way thru or 75% and I had played for a few weeks already. Deffinitely awesome amount of play time, re-playability, not so much. It was pretty hard and took me so long, I really didn't have the effort to play through all the parts again. So sad.. 🙁

Topic starter Posted : 26/11/2009 9:36 am