Titanfall VS Hawken  


So Titanfall or Hawken?

Well personally I'm sticking with Hawken...

Here is why:
- Free 2 Play
- No Pay 2 Win
- Isn't made by EA
- Low requirements
- Love is put into Hawken with every update (even though its Early Access)

And the mech feels strong. Titanfall looks EXACTLY like Black Ops 2 which is one of the few CoD games I sort of like, BUT If I'm piloting a mech I should feel like a beast not like someone can jump on my back and insta-kill me.

So to sum it up Titanfall is 6v6, melee insta-kills, run & gun, s**t singleplayer (or none)......its CoD... again...

Posted : 11/03/2014 10:21 pm

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