Smartphone Games anyone?  

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Share your smartphone games!

Played a lot of games like Asphalt 8, Clash of Clans, Real Steel and the Hobbit. The game I am playing right now that made me alert is Kingdom of Legend. It is a new game that lets you train soldiers and let them attack enemies in the battle map. I used my alarm clock to be aware when my upgrades are near completion. So that I can gain more resources and can increase my rank in the game. The game is very challenging for me because there is no Newbie Protection program, it is a survival game and you should not let anyone else defeat you because their flag will be displayed above your kingdom colony image. Its a shame! So I always focus on getting stronger everyday. So I need to get those rewards in the game and mop the floor with those who attacked me.

I'm starting to love war games! Share your wargames with me and I'll do my best to try it!

Posted : 23/03/2014 9:45 pm

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