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Yeah a fiew good games comming soon. But a lot of good movies comming out.

Terminator 4 looks just sweet.
Iron Man 2 is in the works.
peter Jackson is working in The Hobbit.
Transformers 2 is comming out soon.
X Men WOlveriene just looks like what X men 3 should have been. ( leanred from there mistakes I guess)

Ice Age 3 looks funny. I really liked the 1st one. 2nd ok...

And I am still unable to find ANYthing ligit about Cloverfield 2. But what I do know is that in the first one. The monster was just a babby. And the things falling off its back where just like ticks to us. So who knows what the 2nd one is going to bring.

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2009 9:59 am