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This is straight from the STEAM forums:

"So you probably looked at the game, thought it was pretty awesome and can't wait to get it on Steam. This thread is on the official Volition forums and talks about the PC version, well, actually it doesn't talk about it much, because no one really knows what the PC version contains. It is being developed by someone else, Reactor Zero, and will ship with no mod tools, no editor and no dedicated server.

Feel free to browse the rest of the thread here. ( )

Needless to say, most PC fans are pretty peeved right now, since all the info you see, is for the console release only. They console version gets 2 demos, and the PC version gets none. In fact, the PC version doesn't even have a release date, or definite system specs or in fact anything other than the quotes you see there.

Customer caution is advised."

The full thread is here: ... p?t=858030

This is unfortunate 😡

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2009 9:59 am