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Nintendo 3DS could damage children's eye advancement

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Nintendo has pre-empted a potential issue with the 3DS system - even before the Nintendo 3DS release date. Eye advancement in kids could be hurt by the Nintendo 3DS. The system could stunt proper eye development in young children. All 3-D systems have this eye tension issue. This is not unique to the 3DS; but the Nintendo announcement is unique. Resource for this article - Nintendo 3DS eye strain may be dangerous to children by MoneyBlogNewz.

Nintendo 3DS eye tension

The possibility of eye strain was what Nintendo warned about with the 3DS that is out. Long periods of time with the 3-D system getting looked at aren’t always very good. In fact, dizziness, seizures and nausea are all caused by this strain. It's even bad to have 3-D systems used for long periods of time for small kids. Eye development may be stunted. By forcing the brain to focus on two images, the eyes could actually lose the ability to focus on a single image with correct depth perception.

Methods to repair the issue with Nintendo 3DS

There were several suggestions that Nintendo had for parents after the Nintendo 3DS release date is getting close in the United States. It's suggested that children not be allowed to play the 3DS for more than an hour every day. Also, there ought to be breaks each and every 30 minutes. The 3DS also allows for the 3-D function to be password-protected. There have been warnings not watch 3D images for too long when you have eye issues or are intoxicated by the medical industry.

Nintendo 3DS losing sales before even beginning with eye strain

Some have suggested that warning about the 3DS eye tension issue before the release date could kill the $300 device. There were public relations consultants that advised on this though. They said that several might purchase the device after hearing the Nintendo warning. The user guides of TVs will sometimes have warnings about watching 3-D televisions for too long although it won’t be anywhere big. Will the Nintendo 3DS eye tension help Nintendo sales or kill the sales?

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