Fallout 4 Teased: Real or Not?  

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The time may have finally come...


A teaser website called TheSurvivor2299.com has popped up today and it contains morse corde that points us to Zenimax Media and Bethesdas Youtube page. Of course this could all be fake but Bethesda is known to tease like this and use social media sites to tease up coming games.

Fallout 3 was also teased in a similar way before announcement. A website of another name went up and eventually Fallout 3 was announced.

This website has a count down that will end on December 7th, and has the year 2299. Fallout: New Vegas took place in 2281. It all seems very plausible but it still must be taken with a grain of salt.
Also, it seems the VGAs are taking place on Dec 7th this year. Skyrim was also announced at the VGAs.

Besides the image at the top, a few others have popped up.
What could this be about? Vault 74? What's the A for? Or is it something else entirely? For those who don't know, that logo is the Vault Tec logo.

Here's another...
This is a gif that shows the recognizable Fallout computer terminal screen with some garbled words. I can make out West Tek Research Facility and System Error.

For those unfamiliar, West Tek Research Facility is also known as The Glow. The Glow is a huge place in Fallout lore. It shows up in Fallout 1 as The Glow. Notice the quote in the top image? "If a flame is to grow, there must be a glow". Incredible.

3 Audio clips have been released now. Each one is distorted and vague but professionally recorded. One is highly distorted but mentions Vault 74(notice the picture with the 74 in it) and another has the sound of a vault door opening with a garbled voice saying "May god have mercy on our souls". Possibily indicating that these people are leaving Vault 74. All of this is just adding onto this tease, making it seem more and more plausible.

It's exciting that we might finally be getting closer to Fallout 4 being announced and all of this seems pretty damn real, but STILL it could be fake. I'm excited regardless since I'm a massive fan of Fallout but try not to get hopes too high, as this could still just be a very elaborate prank.


Posted : 15/11/2013 12:56 pm

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