Dayz DeathMatch  


We have set up a server with some custom stuff on it that changes the way you can play Dayz. We still have our normal Dayz Server for some Good old fashion Dayz FUN!

The way this works is: There is a HUGE Fence around electro, and you will only span with in this fence.

You start with a Lee Enfield, 1 mag, 4 coocked meat, 1 morphine, 2 bandages, and 1 grenade.

On top of the Hospital, school, both Fire Stations, in the store, in the church, and inbetween the School and Hospital there are ammo boxes. Inside the ammo boxes you will find guns and ammo of different types. Each ammo box only has one type of gun or supplies placed to balance the PVP nature of the game.

This creates a VERY fun deathwatch or team deathmatch with zombies.

in Dayz COmmander or with in the game just search for sloan, 2 servers will pull up. Its the one that is password protected, if you want to give it a shot and have some fun email me at [email protected] for the password.

Trust me its more fun that you might think.

Posted : 29/01/2013 10:10 am


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