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Leveling Up

Here is a very interesting article about how the consoles helped Crytek to keep the game nicely short simpler.

Crysis 2 faced 'creative constraints'

Thursday 18-Feb-2010 11:32 AM But Crytek says making title on console ensured a "narrower, compelling" game

Crysis 2 can be defined as a 'sandbox game with borders' - after developer Crytek faced down the limitations of Xbox 360 by ensuring it "avoided over-designing features."

The firm has explained why they chose a tighter, more metropolitan world for the second game as part of a huge exclusive in CVG sister mag Xbox World 360.

As previously reported, Crysis 2 is set in New York - a world away from its predecessor's lush, vast jungle terrain, which could only be seen on PC.

When asked if the decision to switch to Xbox 360 for the second game was limiting, Crytek executive producer Nathan Camarillo said:

"I wouldn't exactly call this generation of consoles 'limited'. However, the challenges have allowed us to avoid over-designing features, to keep the focus narrower and tight for a compelling experience on all platforms.

"In the end this will make for the best experience for the gamer, because we will spend more time per feature, making it polished, rather than spreading ourselves thinly just because we can. Creative constraints can be refreshing."

When asked if the confines of a city would restrict the freedom of players used to first game, he added:

"I think the freedom of Crysis 2 will surprise console gamers. Crysis is not about 'go anywhere'. It's about looking at a situation from a great vantage point and then formulating a plan that you proactively initiate to defeat your foes."

The new issue of Xbox World 360 is with subscribers now.

It is interesting how cowardly and undirectly he answers the questions, talking about "creative constraints" and "overdesigning features"...

Posted : 18/02/2010 7:22 am