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Crysis 2 Consoles..  

Leveling Up

Graphics aren't everything IED...
I'm not very happy to hear that the game will be more linear, but I guess it would be to hard to model all of NYC. Also, NYC? Why choose such a weird place to make a combat game take place in? I dunno, it all looks cool but It just doesn't seem like it fits.

Also, ontopic of this thread. I still wish they wouldn't bring Crysis 2 over to Consoles. Now all console noobs are gonna be like "oH ye! I pwn at Crysees. Im soo god at it. ITs cool cus you are in suit that stops buleets from killing u."

It just bothers me, all Console kids are gonna think they were the first people to ever play Crysis. Hey don't forget about us PC Gamers who got Crysis back in 2007....We were the first.

Posted : 18/02/2010 7:22 am