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Aliens vs. Predator Review  


Graphics-6...They aren't bad at all, but they just could be much better for a DX 11 game. Though the lighting is amazing!
Gameplay-9....Very fun and easy to learn controls. Reason it isnt 10 is because it can get repetitive.
Campaigns- Overall:7.5 or 8
Aliens- 8.5...Really fun campaign...short though and missing alot, like Facehugger stage.
Marines-9.5...Really well made campaign. Fun...scary...and decently long. Just not much re playability.
Predator-7....Very fun but overly repetitive. Stealth tactics are fun and so are the special weapons. You run out of energy to fast though.
Sounds-10...Sounds are authentic and made the mood nice and creepy. Though there have been sound issues that cause the game to crash.

Overall-7...A fun game but missing a significant amount of things from AVP2 that should have been included. Will get old quickly. Definitely not a 'must' have.

Posted : 16/02/2010 8:48 pm