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Aliens vs. Predator Review  


Mini Review of AVP.

I like AVP alot actually. But I have the WORST crashing issues. Every 15 mins or so, sometimes random at no specific time, the game will freeze. Then I have to restart my PC because it freezes my PC fully. I cant complete the Pred campaign because it crashes no matter what. Alien and Marine campaigns barely crash/freeze.
Over all, I like the game, Marine campaign took me maybe 3 hours. Alien was the shortest but more fun in my opinion. Pred is a brutal campaign. Fun but really repetitive.
The Marine campaign was the best though. Best made I mean. It was the longest and had the most atmosphere.
The sad part is this really doesn't stand up to AVP1 or AVP2(Which I prefer). Its just clunky and ALOT of features from AVP2 are missing. The atmosphere as a marine is missing. I mean the Aliens almost never pop out from unexpected places so its not very "scary," its more creepy. Like what happened to Aliens popping out of vents and stuff. The old game had that and it was great. In the new game, Aliens may come out of the floor, but they are so slow, you see them and your like "Oh its one of them...Let me shoot it now." Another thing that REALLY bothers me is the 'set' jump points. Wtf. You cant jump freely anymore. They have specific areas on the map that you can jump to, which sucks. 🙁 One thing I really miss is the Aliens Auto death head bite. In MP, you could jump at a marine and it would kill him instantly, biting off its head. Now you have all these sweet finishing moves but the are slow and repetitive, not to mention they leave you completely vulnerable. There are more things missing but whatever. Basically I'm just a bit dissapointed. 🙁
About the MP, I haven't really played much because I couldn't find a server with more than 1 or 2 people in it.....I did survival with a friend and that was great fun, but...there are two maps. Such a fail.
Overall the game is fun, but lacks alot and the SP campaigns are decent, not very repayable though. I have been replaying the Alien campaign though. I really like it, its very fun. I just need to finish the Predator campaign.

Posted : 16/02/2010 8:48 pm