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Aliens vs. Predator Review  


Gotta agree with Strud, if you have not played Classic AVP, then your just a fail.

So far I've completed the Marines campaign, took me a good 4 or 5 hours. Totally amazing campaign! I loved it!! Very scary at some points! It has a great balance between scares and great game play. So I loved the Marine campaign, it was very epic.
I recently started the Alien campaign and all I can say is...FUN!!!!! Man, playing as an Alien is just so fun. I'm really having a great time pwning some Marines, then you see those unarmed workers and mercy kicks in...but your an alien. Your motto is "Kill."

I'll tell you more when I totally finish the game. But what I can say now is gameplay is amazing,, they aren't bad...but they aren't great either. Could be better for a 2010 and DX11 game. Oh well, Marine models are really good and facial details are nice, except for Weyland, he's ugly.

If you played classic AVP2 for PC back in 2002 or whenever, then I seriously recommend you get this game. I can't say its better than good ol' AVP2, but its close. Its VERY fun. 😀

Posted : 16/02/2010 8:48 pm