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[Sticky] What our badges tell about us: The Truth.  

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Hello GND goers. This is a philosophical thread meant to give you a little insight about each and every one of us.

How am I able to do this? Well, I'm going to see what letters or icons are present on the badges you contain and attach a meaning to them. I'm a professional at this, don't worry.

Folder: Looks like a bunch of fruits or some shit, this means this individual is likely attracted to the same sex. Now we on GND do not discriminate, this is not an insult, only THE TRUTH.
Admin: Alright a big A is present here, this more than likely stands for A Dummy. See the correlation? Yes, I do too.

Next we'll go with X:
VIP: We seem to be viewing some sort of star, perhaps the jewish star? This man is without a doubt an orthodox jew. Once again, we do not discriminate here at GND, we only tell....THE TRUTH.
*Before we move on, I thought it would be best to share a little explanation on to how I get meaning from these badges. Well, I won't tell you. BUT I will explain something else, If someone has 2 badges, both containing a letter, instead of an icon, then those 2 letters interact...bringing THE TRUTH with both letters. If there is 1 letter and 1 icon then each is separate, as seen with strudinox. Moving on..

Designer & Max User: Hmmmm alright, we have a D and an M. This is awfully tricky because DM can mean many things, including my initials. Perhaps X is really me? No that cannot be...The only logical answer to this, is that this man is a DUNGEON MASTER.

Here I am faced with only 2 letters, this will be easy work.
Max User & Reporter(lies): M&R is an odd combo, but finding...THE TRUTH is never too difficult. One might think, oh this man is clearly a manic rapscallion! But that's where you're WRONG.....The...TRUTH is much more sinister. What joeeeeee may or may not know, is that he is actually, 100%, without a doubt, cross my heart hope to die, triple dog dare you, a MAN RAPIST. Some of us on GND may have seen the signs for years, but we did nothing. Unfortunately, this is....THE TRUTH and we cannot do anything at this point to stop it.

Folder: Once again I have to look at this stupid pile of fruits or something, maybe it's meant to be a strain of DNA? If that's true....then....THE TRUTH may be more startling than I expected. While Jester may seem like a perfectly normal, fully developed 20 year old man....THE TRUTH is that he's ACTUALLY a living, breathing, typing, 2 week old embryo. Oh God, what have we done.

Reporter & Super Mod: What could this mean? We have an R and an S. A lot of things come to mind, but the most obvious is something that may surprise many of us here at GND. This information has shocked even ME! This goes against what I said just before....This man is no man, nor embryo. He is....Real Shit.
*Fake shit pictured above

Also known as Bombsears.

Folder: It seems I cannot get away from this stupid fucking pile of fruit. It's very persistent, so I can only apply one meaning to this. Such relentless fruit can only mean one thing...and that is...our friend boombear..He is interested in BECOMING a PEAR. We should have known, but this likely came as a shock to most of us. I'm sorry friends, but this is....THE TRUTH.

Supporter: Ah, finally something easy! I needed to rest my brain.
This can only mean one thing. Stupid.
*Image of something stupid

Yes, I will perform this diagnostic on myself.

Oh no! Unprecedented! We have THREE letters in a row. Do they combine or what? The answer is NO!! NO THEY DONT!!!
The way to read 3 Letters is farily simple. The first letter is assigned a single meaning while the last 2 are brought together into one.
Comp. Manager: What the hell is this supposed to mean anyway? The fuck is a comp(PERIOD)??? Well, whatever this shit is supposed to mean, it starts with a C. C does not hold many meanings so this is easy for a professional such as I.
THE TRUTH is...I am in all actuality a CAT. Yes, this is...THE TRUTH.

Despite learning I am actually a cat, I have decided to continue my self diagnostic.
Supporter & Admin: Such a strange combination. I'm not sure what this means for me...

Oh god. I have seen....THE TRUTH. With the recent findings that I am actually a CAT. This means....I am a cat with....

I learned some very shocking secrets about my self during this session, I hope I helped you all discover yourselves too. Keen Wa.

Posted : 10/03/2014 10:52 am