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UPS gets my "DOH! of the Week" award.


LOL. Got my Step Up Box from EVGA today and it only had 1 card in it. Checked the site. The Step Up's were approved within minutes of each other. the 8800GT's were shipped in the same box with each having its correct RMA sheet attached(inside and out). they were received at the same time in the same box. I got one today(Shipped last Thursday), but the other one didn't ship until yesterday? Haha. No idea and not going to bother to ask them why. The 2nd is on its way and I haven't started building the special box for the system yet anyway. Really tempted to grab 3 more from the Egg. I'm really happy with these cards. Quiet, cool and not power hungry at all. They appear to take just a tad more power to fold 24/7 than my 8800GT's and get on average about 1000 PPD more.

I guess tonight I'll need to actually try out 3 way SLI on them.

Topic starter Posted : 18/03/2009 11:13 am