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Truck problems, at the worst time  



Since i bought my truck (1996 Chevy Blazer LT 4x4) the front differential has been bad. Sucks, because in MN we have lots o' snow. But i've put up with it. Well, it was my trusty steed for months, never failing me. Then my ignition coil went out, so it was misfiring, but still driveable. Fixed that, for $40, and a week later it went out. Must be a bad part. I still need to replace that. Now, today i was driving home from school. I turned a corner, heard a pop, and my front passenger wheel starts grinding, bad. I pull over, eyeball it, and decide to drive home like that. (15miles) So i do, i get home, take it slow, and pull her in the garage. I post my problem on CarForum, and go to take the lug nut cover off, and when i do, guess what happens? Me CV shaft along with the nut on it, just fall out of the wheel cover. I was expecting that my wheel bearing was dunzo. I still am not sure whether my wheel bearing is okay, but i do know my CV half shaft must be, because it's snapped clean off.

I have a total of $40 in my bank account, and the way it sounds the axle has to be pulled out of the truck in order to fix this. I'm gonna drive the Silvy plow truck for awhile, probably save up and get the diff and CV fixed in one shot.

Posted : 05/02/2010 6:28 pm