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Lhotse's Grand Return!  


Hey, remember that EVGA Supernova T2 850w PSU I bought that I thought would outlive me?!

It didn't but it took me a colossal amount of hassle over the last 5-6 months to realize it and the only reason I did was because out of desperation, I got the old one RMA'd for the hell of it and THAT...was my problem!

At first it would just crash and reboot...then after a while it would do it again and again, as it would just keep failing to reboot itself repeatedly until Windows would try to fix itself and then go to the blue 'Recovery' screen...which would never work.

I thought I had a Windows 10 problem and paid a local tech a total of about $300. for 3 visits to my house and then it would start again after a while.

Then I took the cover off my case and it got 'better', so I though it was temperature. So, I get a new Corsair loop.

No difference.

Is it the M.2 drive not getting along with the mobo? I am up against the wall at this point, so I get a new PSU.

That was it! The one thing I was sure would not be the problem. Ya live and ya learn.


Aside from that, anyone playing Fallout 76?

Also, I found this REALLY cool downloadable pdf magazine all about modding Skyrim over at Nexus.

Here's the link and Happy Holidays everyone!


Posted : 19/11/2018 1:39 pm
BOT Admin

Welcome back! ?

It's amazing how many issues can stem from a faulty PSU. Likely had some noise in one of the lines that was freaking out the sensitive electronics. Noise levels can increase as PSU temperature increases so heat was likely making a bad PSU worse.



Posted : 19/11/2018 7:10 pm