Jailed Muted AGAIN  

New to GND-Tech

❓ Well I was playing with Magneto100 right so

Miliwyn was saying that he griefed a sheep farm ????? and I was defending him so she won't ban or jail or mute him I called her a jerk

and a jerk face and she went crazy saying I was rude, buy say I called her and idiot even if I didn't call her idiot later sarge let us go

later I came on Miliwyn was on (no surprise there) we got in a fight I forgot how then the next thing I knew it I was muted.

I came on today to play and I told magneto100 that I was sorry for what happened yesterday she said I was rude and didn't let it go

and I was putting signs in front of Magneto100 to say why was she doing this she went all mad saying I was putting rude

signs even if I didn't you can ask magneto100 about it and after say she was useing /lightning or something to hurt me in

game I and /flame or going invisible to hurt me in flame so after that she jailed me and called me stupid and she didn't even

give me a chance to say sorry.

Posted : 27/01/2013 6:55 pm


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