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Ok before i start i want to say if this is in the wrong place PLEASE tell me...
EDIT: CAN A MOD MOVE THIS TO BLOGS 😀 been a while since i've been on gnd and the layout is new >.<
the reason for this post is to ask,tell,give hints,ideas etc to other people...and to myself.

Just a lilbit about myself..
My name is Jc Im 17, im from a lil town just out side london... Im a part time sports teacher and soon to be national level figureskater. I spend alot of my time at the icerink which gives me very little time to be on my comp :'( but i try...
I love CoD6MW2 Swweeet arse game.. also like RTS games.

I've tryed to make a custom PC before but i failed. But thanks to a few mates I finaly made my own lil beauty. Dont ask wht its got in it cos even i dunno... all i know is Duo cores SUCK ARSE!

My first blog will have to be, that im in the process of making my first MW2 montage. This will be clips of what i think are gd to watch, may not be gd skill from me but still might be funny 😀

I'll leave a blog here when i've done or in process of doing something 😀 and if i need help. Please feel free to comment.

Peace out!

Topic starter Posted : 05/05/2010 2:43 pm
BOT Admin

Cool, I look for ward to the updates 😀

Also, if you want, you can start your own Blog in the "Blogs" section at the top. Just hit "Create new Article" and that will get you started! Or, you can convert this post to a blog by hitting "Blog this Post" just under your sig.

Keep us posted! :good:

Posted : 05/05/2010 3:15 pm

Blog 2

A Gd day playing with a few mates i have a few hints about the Map Terminal: First one is, Pick a place you can play well in, for me its just infront of the book shop, when you enter the Terminal Easy to defend and there not many spawn points near, BUT every1 goes past it, its a very natural choke point,
I say use
Ether the, Tar21 silenced, ACR silenced (Very gd ironsites so no need for a sight)
The reason i use silenced weapons is that in this map if ur fighting in 1 area of the map u wont need long range, also silencers have no effect on power.
Scav Pro
Stopping Power Pro
Ninja pro OR Steady Aim Pro
If u want to Use claymores to defend a spot feel free to do so but i would not recomend it.

Second and last tip about this map, there are a few points of where people WILL camp these are:
Just inside the cabin on the plane
right at the back of the plane just over the ladder.
as u come out terminal side of the plane right infront at the desks (one right at the back is the normal one)
on the building just outside just next to the stairs.

Anti Camper tricks, Im stupid like this and i like to make sure that if i camp i will kill the person who's camping for the sake of every1, first is, you now know the way they are facing. so dont go the same way. go around. second claymores are often used to defend doors with campers, so have the perk SITREP on to help u. Flash and stuns will work wonders but remmber if they've claymored the place it means there is probs only 1 door in and if u flash/stun the will look at the door, if u can find another way in (windows)

Good luck
please leave comments for i love to know wht u think and what you want help with.
Much love!

Topic starter Posted : 06/05/2010 3:23 pm

Nice tips! +REP

Posted : 06/05/2010 3:52 pm

Because this thread is labeled as a 'blog', and we have a blogs section, and you can blog these posts, i'm going to close this thread.

Posted : 06/05/2010 5:11 pm