Home defense thread!! Post what you're packing..  

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Here is my most recent addition. The Fallout 15 AR-15 by Black Rain Ordinance. The upper and lower receivers are machined aluminum with a digi-cam camo paint job. The bolt is gas piston driven which should help keep it nice an clean. As for the accessories, the stock, trigger and fore grip are Magpul. Optics include Magpul flip-up iron sights. The scope is a zero magnification Aimpoint Comp ML3 red dot scope. Lighting is done by a 500 Lumen Surefire single LED light. Adjacent to that is a bright green laser for quick target acquisition.








(This one didn't turn out that great....)

The AR-15 packed with my Mossberg 590 shotgun. 😀

Posted : 06/10/2013 11:53 pm


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