fellow citizens of this "planet"
I am here to warn you about a PEST. THIS PEST is EVIL:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::evil:

This pest is what? Yes. No. YES


Potassium Chloride. Aka No Salt.

I thought it would be a good idea to try something anew. Life is so dull these days, sometimes you just want to salt it up. But why not salt it up with not-salt? Why use salt when salting? Are all salts salts? These questions keep me up at night.

Thus at 7:12 AM (EST) December 8th 2012 I went to the place "Win Dixie". This place sells quite a selection of things of different sorts. I picked up this SALT that costs approximately 5.39 dollars. (tax not included)

At 7:15 AM (EST) December 8th 2012 I checked the item out, and was on my way back.

I was back home at 7:20 AM (EST) December 8th 2012, and then attempted to open this metal capsule device-machine (which was also part plastic) and proceeded to place a small pinch of salt in my mouth.

It was horror. It tasted terrible, and felt as if I just put my tongue on a 9 volt D-sized DURACELL battery. This disgusting arrangement of "Potassium Chloride" aka "KCL" aka "No-Salt" is highly toxic in my opinion and should be kept away from children, dogs, and other small animals.

It doesn't just taste nasty, it's also RADIOACTIVE.:devil::devil: I tested it with my geiger counter and noted EXTREME RADIATION LEVELS


Thus I now keep it safely in my lead lined box for my safety. This is NOT a toy, and should be handled with EXTREME care and concern. Therefore when disposing of such a toxic and hazardous substance, it is recommended to pour it down the drain.

Hope you all learned something today, I did.

Posted : 08/12/2012 6:25 pm


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