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Done with logisys.

Leveling Up

On June 12th I bought a light case mod kit thing from Logisys. I had it for a couple of days before finally installing it, when I got to installing it it did not work correctly (all the colors where mixed up). So on June 14th i sent an E-Mail to Logisys support and they said to send it to their warranty office in California So i packed everything up and sent it, and on June 26th they emailed me saying that they received my package incomplete. My mom helped me pack it and saw everything it there and here we are, on July 9th and I STILL do not have a replacement. I just E-Mailed him saying to send them back to my home address. We shall see what happens. 👿

(lol, sorry for the long post!)

Topic starter Posted : 09/07/2014 7:49 pm