Does anyone know what this anime is?  


I remembered watching this anime from months ago. Their world was just like the present setting of Japan but the tech is really advanced. They wear special glasses which were, if I would compare, equivalent to our gadgets right now. These glasses act like your PCs monitor and your body would be your mouse. While wearing your glasses, it's like you're in SAO. The user interface just appears in front of your eyes. You can also make calls just by gesturing your hand like a phone (if I remembered that correctly). And one of the elements I liked most is that the anime is catered for programmers. hehe..
they draw something on the ground and something happens to the virtual world (the world inside the glasses).

I hope someone can help me remember what anime this is. I'd like to watch it again. 😀

Posted : 22/03/2013 1:13 am


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