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Cooler Master's Drawing Giveaway!  


I just dropped an order on the Smoke colored ones (X4). I hate Broadway lights in my Room. Just a note, CM has a habit of "Sugar Coating" their stats on fans. Never been unhappy with any CM fans, but they are rarely as quiet or powerful as they claim. I'll post back when I get them as I am hoping they are close to the listed stats as they usually aren't grossly skewed.

As for the cases, I'll probably donate the Gargoyle to the EVGA folding team as some sort of incentive for newish folders. The Scout I'd possible use and maybe the 922. I have some spare TT GPU only GPSU's so the power supply would be a nice back up for 2 of my current folders. I have absolutely no use at all for the little notebook covers... Or little notebooks for that matter. LOL

Topic starter Posted : 08/05/2009 6:19 pm