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Thanks guys.

I have $102.00 EVGA BUCKS, so i like to put together
a Classified with 3 295's for gaming, folding and everything else.
I have 2 295's so i only need one more, and once i RMA my 280's
then i can sell those and get me another 295 im sure there is a few people out there looking for 280'sFTW for tri SLI.

As for memory thats cheap this days, i can get something for around a $100.00, and a used i7 920,940,965 or go new?

I seen used 965,s go for like $500.00 and 920's for under $200.00

Money is always a problem 🙁 i hope to have $500.00 + sell GTX280
+ $102.00 EVGA BUCKS.
Temps are important so any advice will be greatly appreciated. 😀

Topic starter Posted : 26/06/2009 10:14 am