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Back To Life  


Im Back!! :gnd:

Yes my friends, after going tru multiple system failures
my pc comes back to life.
GTX280 died 🙁
PSU died 🙁
GTX280 died 🙁

Sent out my psu for RMA and got back a DOA PSU. 😡
So i had to wait one more week to get a replacement.
Lets see how long this one last.
I still have to RMA my 280's and my 790i mobo.

This 790 has been a headache since day one, but is the only PC i have
and i dont want to wait for a month for RMA.

It will cost me about $90.00 to RMA my mobo.
Im thinking i dont want to get a DOA mobo from RMA, or get someone else's problem mobo from RMA.

My question to you is, RMA or get new mobo?

Thanks for your input. :good:

Topic starter Posted : 26/06/2009 10:14 am