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poiZin wrote:
s_tracey wrote:
I dont mind at all. Its the flashy "Click here because you won!" ads that drive my up the wall. Yours re pretty descrete so thats nice. I will click on one every now and then to help support your site.

Same here. Random clicks are helpful, if you reach a minute on browsing an ad the rate is higher. Just don't post anything requesting people click, I am sure you knew that heh.

Just trying to give a heads up in case you didnt cuz once you get kicked off adsense you cant ever do it again.

Are you set up for analytics as well?

This is true. Maybe once or twice a day will be okay but keep it casual LOL. I don't want to get kicked :p

I'm not using google analytics atm. As of now I am using a program I installed on my server called Urchin. There are about 50x more measurements, charts, graphs and lots of other little goodies! Another good thing about Urchin is that It reads the website's access log for it's information. unlike google where it sends a request to their servers every time someone hits your page. This makes urchin a little bit faster in the long run.

Topic starter Posted : 31/05/2009 5:36 pm