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1 Word Story...


Next-day vomit on-the-couch appeared and frozen penis burgers. The BSOD 404 did eat seven-pizzas within 1-minute mile. My auntie has AIDS. She died. After sucking nuts with-a-vacuum-cleaner, I jumped into my grandmother's oven and burned to crisp.

Strud, ran blindly into bemused bulls (Silly-Strud). Then, died. His-body-was-buried in dirt. It smelled very bad. Then, a cow had a shit all over his pants.

"NO!" Said XeqtR, screaming! "You fat piece of toe!" "I'm yomama!! SHIIIIIT! This SUCKS! My ass hurts-from-last-night cause you SUCK!"

Next Day, we died. Take cover BITCH! I taste like pie. Pie? Pie! WHY! This old story is weird. Its boring.

Sniper Rifles, Scars and NINJA'z are LETHAL-BIZZLE! He died after birth because a(n) tumor. Everyone loves eating ham east of new york.

FrostFire spams at GND and-hes-damn-proud-annoying-xD. I-E-D-is-getting-personal^3. Whatever...

Turkeys have frozen

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