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1 Word Story...

I-E-D wrote:
Clue is in the name guys...

I'll edit if i see more than 1 word.. Be creative, use hypons etc instead 😛 Keep it legal and clean.

Make sure you add the story at the begining of your post, make it easier for everyone 😉


Oh, and it HAS to make some sort of sense.. so no going from "Ghetto" to "ketchup"...

Weirdo... 😉

I'm sure it says keep it clean somewhere in there...

One YoYo Dawg Went out For a Walk in the ghetto ketchup sauce in Zimbabwe which happens to have very spongy turtles called penguins which feed. They hunt huge lamas, killing them for meat and pleasure. Every little mushroom must contain proteins and cocaine. If I slide down your cock eyed

Topic starter Posted : 08/02/2010 3:00 pm