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One YoYo Dawg Went out For a Walk in the ghetto ketchup sauce in Zimbabwe which happens to have very spongy turtles called penguins which feed. They hunt huge lamas, killing them for meat and pleasure. Every little mushroom must contain proteins and cocaine. If I slide down your cock eyed rooster. The fork which I use in Zimbabwe to stab. Monkeys intelligently fell upwards towards Inside-Dorp. Only finding YoYo Dawg had unlocked my brain. The MacDonalds sells Fat-People for hamburgers, Mmmmm, tasty non-beef salad macdonalds-food. Goat cheese lives around, eating cow shaped mould occasionally sucking blood of Nomad and me.

Then I decided to eat garbage. It exploded furiously in multiple stages including:
1: Spontaneous Implosion
2: Maximum faceplant
3: Uncontrollable killing
4: Ugly >:()

Let my other half find my lost shithole which is ripped his brain and eyeballs of Dooomz. An Elephant with llamas, decimating/defecating little trees decided cannibalism is profitable. >:().

Monkey.... Must... Obey... Children... Who... Claim... Aliens... Cry... Bricks... Twice.

Unfortunately, they refused citizenship. Which has caused a rapid deceleration of time.

Miscellaneous quizzes are lame-as hell, dam-straight! I fell in tea, burning precisely in EXPLOSIONS of-THUNDA-MILK. My udders collapsed under MASSIVE PWNAGE but lolcat's aubergine wins wars. Thinking about men and needles Isle-Of-Wight style, Meanwhile GOD (Giant-Obsidian-Dog) procrastinated chasing hamsters with hammers.

Children run backwards when their computers upon-desk tops the elephant's record quadruple-backflip-quad-roll bellyflop sleep upside down on a canibal's membrane. Mum's are always gay because they-are-women. That when you ROFL laughing at the-guys-face cos his gota small heatsink that looked like a thumb nail out-of-the film-called-Stop-Putting-Dashes-Like-This-Because-Its-Cheating. I-know-that-guy.

Yesterday I had brains with-milk and cookies which burn my ass everytime I eat brains and-jelly. >:()

Enad is watching hamsters drop weight by eating Clamatowas.
Who the doctor cat cures me.

Frozen pizza lies about E-Numbers. I-E-D tests global translucency during karate movies, finally inventing ballet of indigenous reptiles. It smells like old ass shoes, back-from-the-30s. Hello fat, pathetic wife! Bring my croch along with frogs. My extremely large smell: >:()

Next-day vomit on-the-couch appeared and frozen penis burgers. The BSOD 404 did eat seven-pizzas within 1-minute mile. My auntie has AIDS. She died. After sucking nuts with-a-vacuum-cleaner, I jumped into my grandmother's oven and burned to crisp.

Strud, ran blindly into bemused bulls (Silly-Strud). Then, died. His-body-was-buried in dirt. It smelled very bad. Then, a cow had a shit all over his pants.

"NO!" Said XeqtR, screaming! "You fat piece of toe!" "I'm yomama!! SHIIIIIT! This SUCKS! My ass hurts-from-last-night cause you SUCK!"

Next Day, we died. Take cover BITCH! I taste like pie. Pie? Pie! WHY! This old story is weird.

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