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Selling brand new gaming PC.  

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Alright I have one Gaming PC to sell, but you have two options of what it will contain.

This setup will cost $900(Without shipping) and contain the following:
-Nvidia EVGA GTX 275
-Intel Dual Core Processor @2.66Ghz
-Corsair 750 Watt Power Supply
-Western Digital 320Gb Hard Drive
-6GB PNY RAM @667Mhz DDR2
-WD Disk Drive w/DVD-write and Re-Writable Disk ability's
-Thermaltake V9 Mid-Tower Case(Great ventilation)
-Asus P5E X38 Chipset Motherboard
-Logisys Alien 2.1 Speaker System(Awesome quality and intense bass)

This setup will cost $500 and contain the following:
Dell Inspiron 530 Case
XFX 8800 GTS 512Mb(G92)
C2D E6550 @2.66Ghz
Foxxcon P31 Motherboard
6GB DDR2 RAM @667Mhz
WD Caviar 80GB Hard Drive(Windows XP Pre-Installed)
Standard Disk Drive
Power Up 800Watt Power Supply

Alright, Its only one computer, so the person that is interested, you must make a choice on which setup you would like.
Both are an amazing deal, hundreds of dollars under what they should be worth. All parts are brand new, only used to test if work properly.

So please, if anyone at all is interested, I would love to work something out! 😀
If you need anymore info or if you are interested, PM me.

Topic starter Posted : 24/06/2009 6:05 am