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Buy ,Sell, Trade. what about give?


I feel greedy because I just got one from Darken1 lol.. How about this. If you cant find ANYONE who will take 1 off your hands, I supposed it would be cool to grab one for the PC I just built for my nephew. He is 9 now and I built him his first PC (gave him a gts250 from evga 😆 ) He already likes first person shooters, but I told my sister to play the games first and only let him play if she feels it isnt too gory / violent. He used to always come over and if I was playing he would always ask me questions about it and now he is a PC gamer 😐


I tried to get him to pay attention when I was building it, but he was more into wanting to play games on mine while I did it heh.. Hopefully in another year or so he will be more into the hardware side.

Topic starter Posted : 02/06/2009 12:57 am