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Just so you guys know, there have been reported performance hits with this driver version.

"Based on personal experience with these new drivers, and at least one other EVGA member, a clean install of this driver may cause downclocking in games with a 200 series card. By "clean install," I mean uninstalling the previous drivers through Windows Control Panel (order is 3D Stereoscopic Vision drivers, PhysX drivers, then Nvidia display drivers), rebooting, Driver Sweep the Nvidia Display drivers and Nvidia PhysX, reboot, then fresh install of the drivers. Symptoms of this problem include "choppy" performance in games, random crashes in games, strange discoloration or artifacts in game, and significant performance drop. I have personally seen this by using the On-Screen Display of Precision while playing Shattered Horizon and Left 4 Dead 2; the clocks would suddenly drop, performance would greatly suffer, and the clocks would not go back. This would be a random occurance during the game, usually while idling in a location or using "alt + tab" to jump in an out of the game. I believe 2 more members may be affected by this problem, but I did not have a chance to work with them with the "fix" below."


At this time, the solution I've come up with that solved both of our downclocking problems was to uninstall the drivers through control panel (3D stereoscopic, PhysX, and Nvidia Display drivers), then reboot, delete the DisplayDriver folder in C:Nvidia (the exact path of the folder is "C:NvidiaDisplayDriver"), empty the recycle bin, Driver Sweep, reboot, install 195.62, reboot, and test with 3D applications. As I'm using the X58, I simply deleted the Nvidia folder in C:Nvidia. ________, however, since he was using a 790i, deleted only the DisplayDriver folder and did not have any problems with his motherboard. After testing this fix, the cards ramp up as they should, with no hesitation or stuttering, and ________ felt his performance was much better. At this time, I've had no other issues with this driver."

This is the problem and solution I was informed about, if you have this issue this should help.

Cheers :drinks:

Topic starter Posted : 25/08/2009 9:40 pm