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CPU coolers what one is really the best!


I have spent the last few hours poring over reviews to find what CPU cooler is really the best. It’s hard to do because no review website has all of the top coolers reviewed. So after comparing many, picking out the winners of each website I came to the top 4. In this order.

#1 Thermalright True Copper @ $100+
#2 Coolermaster v10 @ $140
#3 Coolermaster V8 @ $70
#4 Noctua NH-U12p @ $60

Out of this information the best price for the bang is the Noctua NH-U12p. With temps pretty much the same as the v8

But if we where to throw in a few different factors in this mix things can change a bit.

#1 v8 and v10 are rated the best looking.
Also the v8 and v10 have horrible lap jobs. On a few reviews I read after doing the review. The testers would Lap the V8 and V10 to a mirror finish and gain 1-3 c on idle and load. Putting the v10 right with the Thermalright True Copper and the v8 just under.

Personally I own a V8 and I like its looks, although it’s very large and I feel it could cool much better if I lapped it and replaced the fan with one that moves more air. Mine runs so slow all the time I cannot hear it, nice for cool and quite mode. But bad for OC mode.

I am personally thinking about returning my V8 for a True copper.

But that’s just me 😉

http://www.google.com/products?q=Therma ... rue+Copper

Topic starter Posted : 24/03/2009 12:07 pm