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What is your favorite case?

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I own a TT Armor +, Antec 1200, and CM HAF932.

The HAF is by FAR my favorite case and houses my main rig currently. I love having an open-air case without having to have the whole side panel off (curious dog around the house). Setting up watercooling was a breeze in it. There are really no tight spots that require me to squeeze plyers in to plug something in or braid wires through. The bumped out section of the rear panel makes for plenty of room w/o having to force it back on after running wires. Most people are afraid of the dust, but I actually find it easier to maintain than pulling out all the filters on the Antec 1200.

The 1200 is aesthetically pleasing, but it is extremely annoying how fast the front filters get dusty. You have to undo thumbscrews and slide the bays out in front to get to them, all while being careful of not yanking chained wires. Then when you do get those filters clean, you figure that you just need to pull the whole things out to really dust the fans and built-up dust in all the crevasses. THEN you end up cleaning everything inside anyhow, despite the filters! Both of the side panels on mine are sort of flimsy. I also can't stand the lack of space between the mobo, gpus, etc and the front drive bays. I'd have much more love for the case if it were about 2" larger in that direction.

I'd love to try the ATCS or Sniper, but it'd really be a waste of money considering how the HAF is nearly the same thing.

Topic starter Posted : 27/03/2009 9:30 pm