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Silverstone Raven Case...


Ok guys, i stumbled upon this case while reading online. i have to say im sort of impressed with some of it. i love the idea of turning the mobo tray I/O panel to the top of the case!! i think thats one of the best ideas to come along in awhile, but Silverstone dropped the ball on the wire routing that comes from the top now. they just kinda dangle out all over all sloppy like. not impressive!! at $215.00 U.S. list, i want a little more thought put into that. the graphics cards now have the optimal setup. they can be cooled with a bottom mounted fan pointing up through the the card to a top mounted fan also. this is ideal in a sli/crossfire enviornment. the space on my p5n-d board between the two 8800 gts cards is maybe a quarter inch, give or take a cm. then, theres a s-card there too!!! this will now reorient the board so the ram, cpu and nb will be in direct contact with very cool air from the front intakes. not modified air thats ran through your g-card and s-card somewhat. so for a air cooling setup this is great, but for the water cooling guys i think this is a disaster in the making. this kills any hopes of mounting anything on the top of the case!!! now, the back of the case has nothing in your way, except 2 or 3 g-cards just inside the rear wall. and now were back to dangling wires.
well, i love the idea, but i think it needs a manufacturer like coolermaster or Lian-Li to implement it correctly. it just seems like silverstone was so excited by getting the idea outthere that they didnt think it through all the way!! 🙁 heres the article and id like to hear what you guys think!!! ... -preview/1

Topic starter Posted : 26/03/2009 8:24 pm