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Help Me Pull the Plug  


Good day forum folks, I need some imput on a matter. I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day and fellow forum member and I mentioned wanting to get a 850w modular psu (Silverstone ST850F-P or ST1000-P) and he told me that i'm playing with fire by getting a high wattage 100% modular psu (due to possible arching and wire wear) and plugging high end components into it. He suggested that I get one that atleast has the 20/24 main MB soldered in.

Now I looked up reviews for the two PSU's and only could find one for the 850w on from Hardware Canucks (link) and it seems like it performed well. Now before I go and spend $150 - 190 on a psu, please tell me what you guys think. Am I blinded by my love for Silverstone PSU and he's right or am I making a good purchase?

Posted : 20/01/2010 7:15 am