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Attention EVGA forum members, can I ask a favor?

lonewolf wrote:
Jester wrote:
lonewolf wrote:
Yeah, I think you and CraptacularOne make up half of the list! :laugh:

His was all one PSU though. His Enhance built Antec TPQ-850 was truly something. Shows how far you could stretch 768W of +12v power :yahoo:

It is amazing everything he powered with that, all the "rules" went right out the window!

Yeah, honestly most people have no clue what they're talking about when it comes to power supplies. Go to the OCN forum and check out the power supply section if you want a good laugh. It's too hard for most to look up the power consumption on their parts, and then do their own calculations.

Topic starter Posted : 09/09/2009 7:26 pm