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Antec 902 vs COOLER MASTER Storm Scout

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Time to make another one of these threads, this time I'll be comparing the Antec 902 (revised Antec 900) and the new COOLER MASTER Storm Scout. Both cases are all black, have a similar size, and are constructed out of steel and plastic.

The front of the Antec 902 features nine meshed drive bays, the top three are vacant 5.25" bays while the rest are occupied by two internal hard drive cages. Each of these hard drive cages holds three hard drives and is cooled by a 120mm blue LED intake fan, each one has a knob for fan control. There is a dust filter for each fan as well. Above these are a power button/reset button, two USB 2.0 ports, an external Serial-ATA port, microphone jack, and headphone jack.


The front of the CM Storm Scout features five meshed 5.25" drive bays. Below these is more ventilation hiding a 140mm red LED intake fan. There is a dust filter positioned here.


The rear of the Antec 902 features a 120mm blue LED exhaust fan, I/O shield plate, 8 ventilated expansion slots, two rubberized holes for a water cooling system's tubes to pass through, and the PSU mount. The side panels are secured with thumbscrews, and there are two fan controllers, one for the rear 120mm exhaust fan, and one for the top 200mm exhaust fan. You can also enable/disable the blue LED on the top 200mm exhaust fan.


The rear of the Storm Scout features a 120mm red LED exhaust fan, 7 expansion slots (one is meant for cable management), extra ventilation, and the PSU mount. The side panels are also secured with thumbscrews.


The top of the Antec 902 has ventilation covering a 200mm blue LED exhaust fan. Nothing else up here really.


There are several things going on top of the Storm Scout. In between the top and front is the I/O panel. There is a power button, reset button, HDD/power LED, button to control the red LED on the front 140mm fan, microphone/headphone jack, e-SATA port, and four USB 2.0 ports.

There are integrated carry handles which make transportation much easier. After all the Storm series cases are advertised towards gamers who go to LAN parties.

There is a 140mm exhaust fan which can be replaced by a 120mm fan or radiator.




The left side of the Antec 902 has a window and ventilation. Behind this ventilation is a 120mm fan mount and a dust filter for the optional 120mm fan. The other side has absolutely nothing on it, other than paint.


The left side of the Storm Scout is extruded and features a tinted window, as well as two 120mm fan mounts. There are no dust filters for the optional 120mm fans. The glass looks weird in this picture since it still has plastic on it. The right side is extruded as well for cable management purposes.



The inside of the Antec 902 is rather small. The HDD cages are secured with thumbscrews, while the optical drives are secured with screws. The expansion slots are also secured with screws. There are cut outs for cable management and soft, rubberized pads where the PSU is mounted to stop vibrations. However there is no bottom ventilation, not even for the PSU.


The inside of the Storm Scout features many tool less designs. The hard drives are simply slid into the tray, no removable racks here like on the other CM cases. You can install one 1.8" or 2.5" HDD. The optical drives are secured with a two stage locking mechanism which holds better than the single button design like on other CM cases. The expansion slots use tool free plastic clips. All of these can be secured with additional screws. The PSU mount has an integral dust filter and proper ventilation. There are cut outs for cable management and a large cut out so you can access CPU cooler's/water block's backplates without removing the motherboard.



When completed, you can see neither of the cases have that much space. These are smaller, portable mid tower cases, both with only M-ATX and ATX support.


The Storm Scout isn't really any bigger, but due to the extruded left side panel, you can use large CPU coolers with ease. Due to the extruded right side panel, there is more space for cables to lie behind the MOBO tray.



Antec 902 = ~$140

COOLER MASTER Storm Scout = ~$110


Antec 902 (can't find a good shot of this one showing the blue LEDs)

CM Storm Scout


Overall I prefer the COOLER MASTER Storm Scout. Out of the box it has more water cooling potential, and I prefer the easy tool free designs and look of the case. Plus the PSU is properly ventilated, cable management is easier due to extruded right side panel, and for air cooling you can fit larger CPU coolers. Plus the Antec 902 is flat out overpriced, you can get a CM HAF 922 for less.

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